Bringing people together for 25 years.

I’m Rich Mintz, and I’ve been working in direct response marketing, communications, and fundraising for more than 25 years. I’ve worked with global corporations and neighborhood businesses, with national and international political movements and with community advocates. I’ve worked with large institutional nonprofits deeply invested in their communities, like universities, hospitals, and museums. And I’ve worked with organizations addressing the full range of human needs and social challenges, from neighborhood groups to the YMCA of Greater New York to global human rights and relief organizations.

We founded this agency so that my colleagues and I could do more of the work we like, and less of the work we don’t. What kind of work do we like? Empowering committed organizational leaders to make more progress faster toward the change that matters to them, by bringing people together to join their voices, and their influence.

Whatever your organization’s issue or cause, there’s a community out there that feels the way you do. We’ll help you find them, and put their energy to work in support of your goals.

About Rich Mintz

Rich Mintz is a marketing, communications, and management consultant who advises cultural and social nonprofits; issue organizations and political campaigns; and consumer brand marketing programs, primarily on digital CRM strategy, public affairs and grassroots engagement, and other market-facing initiatives. He speaks and presents frequently at conferences, workshops, and convenings on digital CRM, grassroots advocacy, and arts marketing and management.

For a decade, Rich served as Executive Vice President at Blue State Digital, a WPP Group company, where he provided executive sponsorship and senior program support to many of BSD’s most significant digital strategy engagements for institutional nonprofits, primarily in the arts and culture, academic, and healthcare markets. Over his 25-year career, he has worked with more than 150 nonprofits and issue organizations, national political campaigns in five countries, and two dozen consumer brands.

Rich serves on Manhattan Community Board 6, the formal city advisory board covering the east side of Manhattan from 14th to 59th Streets. Community Boards have formal responsibility under the New York City Charter to advise the Mayor and executive agencies on all issues affecting life in the city, including land use, transportation, education, and human rights. Rich serves on the CB6 Housing, Homelessness, and Human Rights Committee and the Health and Education Committee.

Until 2018, Rich served as Board Chairman at DataArts, the Philadelphia-based nonprofit that aggregates financial, audience, and workforce data from cultural organizations across America and uses it to help participating organizations and grantmakers carry out their missions more effectively. (In 2018, DataArts and SMU’s National Center for Arts Research, a research center with complementary assets and skills, joined together to form SMU DataArts.)

Rich has an A.B. degree from Harvard College and lives in Manhattan. He’s a daily bicycle commuter and frequent motorcycle rider. Follow him on Facebook, and on Instagram and Twitter as @richmintz.

What’s “Blue State Digital”?

Blue State Digital, also known as BSD, is the world’s leading tech and creative agency for large and mid-sized mission-driven organizations. It also developed and runs the BSD Tools and BSD CallOut, integrated software solutions for CRM, email, fundraising, and advocacy.

We’re very friendly with BSD—most of us worked there for years—and if you’d like to be referred to someone there, we’ll help you find the right person.

Is that your office in the photo above?

No.* We’re a “virtual agency” at the moment, assembling and managing a team for each project from our broad network of current and former colleagues and associates, including a large number of Blue State Digital alumni. Operating this way while we’re small helps make sure that your limited budget can go toward our services rather than our overhead.

Will we open an office eventually? Sure, probably in 2019. Watch this space.

*It’s an office building in Los Angeles, photographed by Carol M. Highsmith in 2013.