Community matters.

Here at Mintz Communications, we work with nonprofits of all sizes, public agencies, and mission-driven for-profit organizations. If you think we’re a good fit for your needs, we probably are!

But we believe that the health of our community infrastructure—our public and nonprofit sector, our shared institutions, our built environment, and our third places—is the strongest determinant of whether Americans live happy and fulfilled lives.

That’s why we focus on serving organizations and institutions that establish and strengthen community infrastructure, at every level—from the nation to the neighborhood.

The foundation of community is our moral infrastructure—the people and institutions that push our civic sector to live up to America’s fundamental ideals of equality and liberty—and also fill in the gaps where our civic sector fails, and push back against assaults on our core values.

Built on that moral foundation is our civic infrastructure, the public institutions that deliver our mail, build our roads, ensure our safety, and (for millions of us) pay for our healthcare. Our national and local civic infrastructure is also under budgetary strain and, at times, cynical attack, but the people who administer it are committed to public service.

Supplementing and supporting our civic infrastructure is our social infrastructure—all the arts and cultural institutions, shared spaces, churches and clubs, and private third places that supplement the public sector by ensuring we are not just fed, but emotionally and culturally fulfilled.