Bringing people together.

Bringing people together is our business. We’ll help you find the people who believe what you believe, educate and empower them to carry your message out into the world, and create opportunities for them to do it—through messaging and campaigns that makes them feel like they’re part of a movement that’s gaining ground.

We work in all channels, with your website, email, social media, and content marketing at the foundation, and other channels (direct mail? events? print? outdoor?) supporting them. But every program is a little different—we’ll help you find the right channels, and tune them for success.



Know what you’re doing before you start.

We’re all busy, and when a new communications need is identified, we’re all tempted to Just Jump In. But don’t! You’ll be happier if you start with a clear written understanding of what you’re trying to do, how you’re going to do it, what channels and tools you’re going to use, and how you’ll know whether it worked—you’ll save money, work less hard, and be more satisfied with the result. We’ve developed digital briefs, plans, specifications, and brand documents at all levels of sophistication. We can help you through this, we promise. 



Reach the people that agree with you.

Even if you have a strong, digitally active supporter base, you need to replenish your stock on an ongoing basis. And if you don’t yet, you have to work even harder. We’ll help you develop a digital outreach strategy that makes the most of your budget—whether for major campaigns, on an ongoing basis, or both. 



Get them to give, and then give again.

For most kinds of organizations, the best fundraising appeals programs start early—with a strong welcome experience that establishes giving as a responsibility—and continue all year.  We’ll help you develop a fundraising plan that’s ambitious but achievable, find the right tools, and steward you through the year. 



Generate countable actions that actually help.

If you need to demonstrate support for social change, policy change, or a change on the ground, the best way to do it is often to show numbers. We can help you build an email list and social followers and drive them to advocate digitally for your cause, through petition signing, direct action, and more. 



Give them a reason to care.

An effective digital program rests on educating your community about what you need and what they can do, and making sure they understand what others are doing—and that it’s making a difference. Often, improving stewardship is the single most effective thing you can do to get more out of your supporters. 



Make your message sparkle.

We don’t want you to think that it all comes down to mechanics. Creative is important! We can take a campaign from intention through concept to reality, putting the right messaging and visual expression in place to make things happen. 



Keep the gears turning.

We’re experienced with a wide range of CRM, engagement, and fundraising software solutions, with particular expertise in Action Network (for small progressive organizations with basic needs) and the BSD Tools and BSD CallOut (for organizations ready to reach higher). But we’ll figure out what you need and identify the best tools for the job.